Wheelsalesedu.com Masterclasses


Wheelsalesedu.com offers Executive Masterclasses, which provides professionals with the opportunity to develop and improve entrerpreneurial and analytical skills required for success in the dynamic and diverse global economy.  

Study using a combine approach: Online, Work Place and Conference place flexible option.

The use of thought provoking; and insightful videos clips to spur throughs, and research is embedded in the master classes . Encouraging awareness , and conscientious practice while communicating and leading. 


Sienna Shittu-Lane has been a Leader for 20years. She is an entrepreneur. Her interest as an intellectual adds wheelsalesedu.com Masterclasses to her line of Businesses. Sienna has influenced organisational decisions for MNCs for 14years. She shares her experience through her Motivational Tedtalks, Broadcasts and Websites.